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The concept of normality is relative. After all, what may be acceptable in one place may be abnormal in another.

When we speak of "human behavior" the concept of "normality" becomes very broad, since we all have some "differences".

We are different, but "We are all Normal", conforming to the meaning of the word "Normal".

As the definition states, being "normal" is "being" according to the norm. (...)


In this book, the proposal is to verify in ourselves this discovery of the NIGs - Natural Intelligence Groups - where you get to know yourself better, regardless of your parents and your culture; to understand and know how to use your natural abilities and know more about dealing with your inabilities, which are part of the NIG's natural intelligence packet - and that can be understood as a group of people with the same conditioning and yearning.

With this Natural knowledge, you will certainly be free, initially to be labeled with some "invented disease", or to be seen as having some mental "disorder". (...)


There are different ways of being in the world, different values and conceptions of what is right or wrong, good or bad, but each person is guided by their references. And those references may not be yours, that you suppressed, and that could really make you happy. The breaking of paradigms serves to evolve us as human beings.


To seek happiness is to go forward in favor of what you are or want to be so that you feel good about yourself and others.


Truths you need to know to free yourself and to be happy!

You are the cure II

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