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NEP – Natural Elementary Principle – is the base of psychic structure that reflects on the organism as a whole: on the skills, actions, reasoning and on the feelings. The NEP brings in its nature, the salutary remedy you to yourself. 


The Discovery, that will become in a new natural Science.


The NEP gives us the knowledge that drives us about how we feel, think and act. Each NEP is compound of natural features which differ from each other. There are 9 (nine) different bases and each one of them act from different forms in each person (even with two people from the same NEP) and their respective NIG (Natural Intelligence Groups):











Here, we have to make clear that the meanings of each NEP in our Portuguese language, can be found so misreported and that each one of them provides what each person brings, referring to abilities and inabilities.

Starting to know yourself, you will be finding the key to understand yourself and to know how deal with feelings, besides respecting yourself and the others. Moreover, you can also understand where you can be better inserted (in the professional field). In the book “You are the cure”, the concept of NEP and each NIG are explained and exemplified. With this reading yourself on one NIG, as well as you can identify people that coexists, relatives, friends etc.

Other form to meet yourself is deepen into this tool, through INATHU (Human Evolution Institute). Through courses and individual coaching, you are going to be sure about which NIG you are part of.

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